Quiz: Yoga Philosophy

This quiz covers key concepts that can be helpful in understanding the fundamental concepts of yoga philosophy. Before you start the quiz, please note:

  • A lot of useful information to complete this quiz can be found in the book "Heart of Yoga" (mandatory reading list)
  • This is a timed quiz, you need to finish before the allocated time has expired. When the time expires, the system will automatically submit the questions that you have already answered
  • This is a multiple-choice test, this means of the answer alternatives that are given, one or more may be correct. For a question to be graded "correct", you need to select all correct answer alternatives. Example: a question has two correct answer alternatives. You select one correct answer and none of the incorrect answers. In this case, your answer will be graded "incorrect" because you missed one of the correct answer alternatives.
  • You can use your books, documents, and notes to complete this quiz. But because this exam is timed, it probably makes more sense to review your materials before you start the quiz rather than trying to look up the answers after the timer has started
  • After submitting your results you will get a detailed breakdown of your results. You will receive this also via email so you do not need to print the results page
  • Good luck 🙂

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