Quiz: Teaching a Yoga Class & Anatomy

  • This quizz covers key concepts from the courses "Anatomy for Yoga Teachers I" and "Teaching a Yoga Class".
  • For some of the questions I have included a link to the related study materials in the question itself
  • This is a multiple choice test, this means of the answer alternatives that are given, one or more may be correct. For a¬†question to be graded "correct", you need to select all correct answer alternatives.¬†
  • After submitting your results you will get a detailed breakdown of your results. You will receive this also via email so you do not need to print the results page
  • The required pass rate is 100% - no worries, you can repeat the exam as often as you want 🙂

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Externally rotating the upper arms in down dog can cause injuries

Externally rotating your upper arms might just be the thing that causes shoulder pain for your students. Fasten your seatbelt and watch this video – published in 2017 by a very experienced yoga teacher, PhD, and physical therapist with more than 45 years of teaching experience to learn the details. I will then explain why I both agree and disagree with her statements and what this means for teaching down dog in my opinion.

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