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Martin Becker

Documentary: Yoga and Injuries (German)

2013 documentary (German TV) about yoga and injuries. The following video features Dr. Günter Niessen, medical doctor, orthopaedic surgeon, physical therapist, Aryuvedic doctor and yoga therapist. He talks about common injuries that brings yogis to his practice. I find the numbers he reports quite shocking .. see for yourself. Available in German language only. 

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Martin Becker

Pranayama … Dalai Lama Style

Especially beginners often struggle with pranayama techniques like nadhi sodhana. So I was looking for a good alternative. After hours of unsuccessful research, I said to myself: “Wait a minute, let’s check what the real pros do!”. Here is what I found. I tried this many times in my classes with great success – watch the following video, try it out and let me know what you think!

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